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About Us


Enforce Law Company is a large law company providing a full range of legal services in the field of Russian and international law.

For many years, we have been representing the interests of our clients in litigations of various degrees of complexity developing effective strategies in order to defend their rights. Enforce supports investment and corporate transactions in various jurisdictions, carries out bankruptcy proceedings, protects assets and intellectual property, provides comprehensive legal support to businesses abroad and administration services to foreign companies. A network of partner offices in key jurisdictions helps us efficiently address comprehensive cross-border issues and implement an array of projects regardless of their location.

We work with medium-sized and large businesses in various segments of economy. Our clients — business owners and senior managers — face personal and professional challenges on a daily basis. Our goal is to design an optimal structure of work that would be confidential and reliable in terms of the client’s interests, secure from the legal perspective, and efficient in terms of achievement of set goals.

Our offices in Moscow and Yekaterinburg employ more than 30 experienced and highly qualified professionals. The company’s team successfully assists clients in tax, contractual, bankrupt, patent and other disputes and provides continuous corporate services both in Russia and abroad.

Competitive advantages

  1. Our key specialization is litigation, with more than 70% of projects involving representation in arbitration courts of different levels. We take on cases of any complexity.
  2. Our special focus is on the corporate sector – companies, their beneficiaries, and bodies of corporate management. Our unique expertise enables us to provide the best services to clients both on a continuous and project basis.
  3. For over 8 years, the close-knit team of lawyers has been supporting multi-faceted projects requiring thorough knowledge in various areas of law. Clients cooperate with us on a regular basis, which evidences a high quality of services we provide.
  4. We offer flexibility in handling your assignments, can be reached 24/7 via any communication channels at your convenience.
  5. Legal instruments are selected in accordance with the client’s request. We strive to do our best to always find an optimal solution and to avoid risks. Along with the use of legal instruments, our team has in-depth strategic and management expertise as well as practical experience in project implementation in specific areas of law.
  6. Our partners’ companies operate in the jurisdictions offering best opportunities for business, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, China, Brazil, Ukraine, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands, and others. We have designed an efficient system of interaction with foreign government agencies and commercial entities.
  7. Our clients can rest assured that all necessary documents will be drafted and delivered on time. We strive to provide top-quality services.
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