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Bankruptcy and debt collection

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Target audience

  • Construction, trade, food industry, machine-building industry, transport, communications and other companies in Moscow Region and other Russian regions;
  • Banking sector enterprises;
  • Large investors with extensive overdue debts;
  • Debtor companies interested in restructuring of existing debts and reorganization of their own business;
  • Individuals subject to the law on insolvency (bankruptcy) of citizens

Bankruptcy is a complex legal procedure governed by regulations from various areas of law. A competent lawyer needs to have profound knowledge of substantive, bankruptcy and procedural law, stay current with latest court proceedings, and be well-versed in the procedural and law enforcement practices.

Enforce Law Company offers a wide range of services from support in bankruptcy proceedings to legal representation of any party to bankruptcy legal relations — debtors, creditors, receivers, as well as citizens subject to the law on insolvency (bankruptcy) of individuals.

Enforce specialists have vast experience in cases involving insolvency (bankruptcy) of Moscow-based and regional companies, liability of debtors’ beneficiaries and managers. We advise our clients, senior managers, on the feasibility and peculiarities of bankruptcy proceedings, provide assistance with debt restructuring, recovery of business, as well as challenging or retaining deals within bankruptcy proceedings. The cooperation is built on the principles of an individualized approach to the client’s goals, which results in unique project management strategies in each particular case.

Enforce legal services, bankruptcy


Business owners may face situations when counter parties file claims (not always reasonable or in good faith) and the number of such claims grows necessitating a decision on the ways of retaining their property and avoiding subsidiary liability. Bankruptcy proceedings are conducted for these purposes; success of the entire project depends on their quality.

Enforce lawyers carry out due diligence of the company’s current situation to evaluate the prospects of initiating bankruptcy proceedings to write off or restructure debts, identify possible financial, property and reputation risks and provide comprehensive legal support in bankruptcy proceedings. We advise senior management and company owners on debt restructuring and business reorganization, challenging or retaining deals within bankruptcy proceedings.


Enforce represents creditors both before the court and at creditors’ meetings. We will help you initiate bankruptcy proceedings, achieve inclusion in the register of creditors, and ensure replenishment/preservation of bankruptcy assets, including by challenging the debtor’s illegal transactions. If necessary, we will charge receivers and debtors’ controlling persons (CEO, incorporator, etc.) with subsidiary liability.

Lawyers of Enforce Law Company provide full administrative and legal support to companies and defend creditors’ interests in bankruptcy proceedings, including subject to administrative and criminal law.
Head of Bankruptcy practice, Candidate of Legal Sciences Ilya Komarov


  • Carrying out debt recovery procedure for a large Russian company (the debtor subject to a bankruptcy procedure) vs. the largest Chinese insurance company Sinosure in the amount of 1,360,050,657 Rubles.
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings of JSC Semiluksky Refractory Plant to restore solvency of one of the largest enterprises in Voronezh Region – several separate projects (Denis Zaychenko)
  • JSC SPC Techmash: bankruptcy of a legal entity and inclusion in the register of creditors (Igor Tkachev)
  • Representation of the creditor’s interests – Chongqing Astronautic Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. in a bankruptcy case (Anton Martkochakov)
  • Representation of the creditor’s interests – Chinese company Shandong Weichai Import and Export Corporation in a bankruptcy case (Anton Martkochakov, Alexander Burygin)
  • Support in bankruptcy proceedings of Belgian insurance company Credendo (Anton Martkochakov)
  • Representing South Korean company Soosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd in a bankruptcy case (Anton Martkochakov, Vladimir Dolganichev)
  • Legal support in bankruptcy proceedings of a Russian company for the benefit of Beijing Automotive Industry Import & Export Corporation (Anton Martkochakov, Vladimir Dolganichev)
  • Support in bankruptcy proceedings of LLC Uralkammarket
  • Support in bankruptcy proceedings of LLC Nord-Stroy Engineering: inclusion in the register of creditors (Igor Tkachev)
  • Representation of the client before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation regarding inclusion in the register of creditors’ claims in bankruptcy proceedings of Fores Group. The case was complicated by the debtor’s change of its place of incorporation to Altai Territory in the course of legal proceedings. Upon completion of works, the Supreme Court reversed the judgments of the first and second instance courts and remanded the case for a new trial (Igor Tkachev).
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