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Protection of assets / International tax planning

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Target audience

  • Companies operating in Russia and abroad
  • Individuals owning foreign assets

The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees inviolability of private property, which also applies to company assets. The owner can restore the right of ownership in court, but preventive measures aimed at protecting assets from claims of governmental authorities and illegal actions of third parties will be much more effective.

Enforce Law Company specializes in implementation of protective measures for companies and their beneficiaries to reduce their tax burden and minimize legal, tax, bankruptcy, and criminal risks. Methods of protecting property rights include arrangement of business corporate structures, protection from hostile acquisitions and infringement, establishment of limitations of rights and encumbrances, assistance in inheritance planning, and resolution of disputes between company owners.

Each protection method is devised individually depending on the nature of the activities of the entity. Our vast experience in this area helps us have a clear understanding of jurisdictions’ peculiarities and all nuances of drafting  of international agreements enabling us to create efficient mechanisms of business protection from illegal actions of third parties.

Enforce legal services, protection of assets

  • Building corporate structures in foreign jurisdictions (offshore companies, holdings, trusts, funds): selection of jurisdictions, opening accounts with banks, transfers of assets to trust management, compliance with the currency law and law on controlled foreign corporations (CFC);
  • Corporate restructuring of enterprises to ensure compliance with the amended tax law;
  • Preparation of the structure of asset ownership to reduce tax expenses on purchase or sale transactions;
  • Protection of individuals’ assets, assistance with investment and business immigration, deals with real estate abroad;
  • Representation of companies and individuals’ interests in Russian and international disputes.

Special service: Capital amnesty 2018

Target audience: owners of assets in foreign jurisdictions

The second stage of amnesty and tax-free liquidation takes place from March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019, when taxpayers may voluntarily report to the government their assets abroad and accounts in foreign banks. Enforce Law Company offers legal advice to beneficiaries of assets on international tax planning for the purpose of deoffshorization. We will prepare reports on the currency regulation and CFC enabling you to submit documents to tax authorities within the timeframe specified above.

Practice head: Anton Martkochakov

Project experience

  • Protection of assets of company beneficiaries in a dispute in the judiciary system of the British Virgin Islands. This complex dispute covers Swiss and English jurisdictions (Denis Zaychenko)
  • Protection of assets of the minority shareholder, preservation of distribution of shares in the charter capital. Contestation of the acts that resulted in the reduction of interest (Anton Martkochakov)
  • Protection of the client’s interests in a dispute over a loan agreement, including an agreement on pledge of shares in foreign jurisdictions and suretyship agreement.
  • Representation of a private client’s interests in a dispute over distribution of property. Search for and protection of the defendant’s assets in a London court, declaration of the ownership right (Denis Zaychenko).
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